Which GM credit card is right for me?

January 25th, 2021 by

Chevrolet logo on a Chevrolet Silverado truckBenefits of being a GM cardmember 

Which GM credit card is right for you? Your options are the BuyPower Card, the GM Extended Family Card, and the BuyPower Business Card ™. Each of these options comes with different benefits. We’ll tell you about those benefits below. 

Benefits of a GM BuyPower Card 

The GM BuyPower Card earns you 5% earnings on your first $5,000 in purchases every year and 2% on all purchases after that until the year resets. The earnings can be used at any GM dealership such as Carl Black Nashville and other Carl Black locations. GM dealerships include Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. 

Benefits of a GM Extended Family Card 

The GM Extended Family Card earns you 1% earnings on purchases. You can redeem these toward a new GM vehicle, or you can redeem them for cash in $50 increments. GM Extended Family Card earnings can be combined with other GM earnings such as those from being a GM employee or supplier. 

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Benefits of a BuyPower Business Card 

The GM BuyPower Business Card earns you 5% earnings on purchases from GM dealerships such as Carl Black Nashville. You can buy parts, accessories, and services. You also earn 3% earnings when shopping at office supply stores, gas stations, and restaurants. Other purchases not at these locations will earn your 1%. 

Special offers available only for eligible GM cardmembers 

One benefit of being a GM cardmember is that there are occasional special offers just for you. Right now, in January 2021, eligible GM cardmembers can earn $1,000 in Bonus Earnings to be applied towards the purchase of a new GM vehicle. This is a temporary offer, but we trust that GM will come out with more exclusive offers in the future. 

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