Can leaving your car on at the gas station pump be dangerous?

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Why turning off your car while filling up your tank is important 

Can leaving your car on at the gas station pump be dangerous? Likely, you’ve never actually heard of someone who caused an explosion or fire at the gas station; however, that does not mean it isn’t possible. We’re here today to tell you why turning off your car while filling up your tank is important, and there are a few reasons. 

Leaving your car on while pumping fuel can lead to fire 

Yes, you may have never seen it happen, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Ask yourself, have you actually ever seen someone fill up their tank without turning off their car. Probably not, as everyone knows of the danger involved.  

Why is this? Gasoline is highly flammable. In your car and underground at the pump, large amounts of gasoline are stored. All it takes is a spark to set these stores ablaze, which can cause an explosion. Although it is rare, it does occur, and you can even find stories of people who started a fire with their car shut off, because there are other dangerous habits at the pump, such as using a lighter. 

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A running car invites vehicle theft 

Let’s say that by some miracle your running car did not cause a fire. There are still other incentives to turn off your vehicle, not the least of which is vehicle theft. Vehicles with keys still in the ignition make for the easiest targets for thieves. Plus, your insurance might not cover a stolen vehicle, and likely won’t cover it if it finds out you left it for the taking, keys and all. 

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Leaving your car on at the gas station invites you to get inside 

Sometimes it is too hot or too cold, and you want to get back in your vehicle, but did you know that this habit isn’t recommended? First of allit’s always a good idea to be aware of the gas pump and to watch what’s going on. Second of all, rubbing on your car’s fabric seats can cause static electricity. 

Although unlikely, it is possible that static electricity can start gasoline on fire. Cases of this have been documented, and it never ends well for the person who started the fire. Be careful and be alert. 

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