How does Forward Collision Alert help prevent crashes in Chevrolet vehicles?

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two people looking at a car crashChevrolet Forward Collision Alert explained 

How does Forward Collision Alert help prevent crashes in Chevrolet vehicles? This system is not meant to replace attentive driving, but it can help call attention when a driver is driving too close to the vehicle ahead. Below, we’ll explain how Chevrolet Forward Collision Alert works in more detail. Find a Chevrolet vehicle equipped with this feature here at Carl Black Nashville of Nashville, TN. 

How Chevrolet Forward Collision Alert works 

Chevrolet Forward Collision Alert uses a forward-facing camera and/or a radar sensor to monitor the stretch of road ahead of your vehicle. By doing this, it can tell when your vehicle is approaching another vehicle too quickly, which it detects as a possible impending forward collision. When the system senses what it interprets as an impending crash, it sends the driver a warning so that they can respond to the danger. 

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What is the point of the Chevrolet Forward Collision Alert? 

You might be wondering what the point of Forward Collision Alert is since it is not meant to replace an attentive driver. While it is important to always keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel, there are circumstances where a driver might be distracted without intending to be, and this system can call their attention back to the road. So, while it isn’t meant to replace attentive driving, it can supplement attentive driving and hopefully prevent forward collisions. 

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How will my Chevrolet model’s Forward Collision Alert warn me of danger? 

The system can use a few different warning types. The most common is an audible warning, high-pitched beeps that grab attention. Models that are equipped with a Safety Alert Seat can also have the system alert them using seat pulses. 

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