How to choose a pre-owned vehicle at a dealership

July 9th, 2021 by

a dealership lot with many carsTips and tricks for finding the best used car in Nashville, TN 

How can you choose the best pre-owned vehicle at a dealership? There is no best option for everyone, but there might be the best option for you, and this guide is going to help you narrow down your choices. Watch the video below or read our transcribed version. Come visit us here at Carl Black Nashville in Nashville, TN to view our pre-owned vehicle inventory. 

How to Shop for a Used Car | Ricco’s Car Crew by GM Financial video guide 

Steps to finding your next pre-owned model at Carl Black Nashville 

These steps are the four main steps outlined in the video above for shopping for a used vehicle. We think that they can help most shoppers get the best value from their experience. Of course, whether this is your first or fifth car, you can always ask our experts for advice. 

  1. Shop Certified Pre-Owned: CPO vehicles come with special benefits. They also have been quality-inspected. They are a great place to start for new buyers. 
  2. Narrow it down: There are many ways to do this. Visit a dealership to look at their vehicles, take a test drive, set a budget, or anything else that helps you choose. Do your research! 
  3. Find the CPO sticker: The sticker offers more information about the vehicle. It should be displayed in a vehicle’s window. Ask one of our team members to show you what we mean. 
  4. Check history report: Every vehicle should have an available history report. Check that it has been taken care of. Double-check that it hasn’t been in any accidents. 

Where to find CPO models in Nashville