Not All New- Carl Black is Home to Attractive Used Chevys here in Nashville Too!

January 24th, 2018 by

Chevy Traverse

Here at Carl Black Chevrolet of Nashville, we understand that of course buying a brand-new vehicle is not the ideal course of action for all shoppers.

Maybe it’s because of the current budget you are working with, a result of your individual purchasing preferences, or perhaps simply due to the fact that you have no interest whatsoever in a new car. And regardless of whatever your unique reasons may be, that is totally fine!

Lucky for our customers who are interested in a pre-owned Chevy, our dealership is home to a wide range of compelling used inventory that possesses the high quality and the low price tags that used-car shoppers are seeking.

Purchasing Pre-Owned is Always a Wise Idea

There is very good reason why so many drivers and so many of our customers wisely choose to buy pre-owned instead of new, and some of them are below…

  • Affordability- this goes without saying, but the prices for used vehicles are dramatically lower than prices for new vehicles
  • Value- you are treating yourself to “more car” for less money and more bang for your buck, due to the fact that there is no “new” sticker present
  • Depreciation- when you decide to buy pre-owned, you also avoid the steep depreciation that occurs the second a new car is driven off of a lot
  • Insurance & Registration- both of these fees and expenses are much lower for those that purchase a used model rather than a new one
  • Among many other enticing reasons in addition to these

Visit our dealership here in Nashville at your convenience to explore our awesome pre-owned Chevy sedans, SUVs and trucks and to get behind the wheel for yourself!