Chevy Colorado ZR2 Wins First in its Class for Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno Race

September 4th, 2019 by

Side view of red and black Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 competing in a Best in the Desert Race

With its numerous off-road features, the Chevy Colorado ZR2 is a great truck for heading off the beaten path. The Colorado ZR2 recently put is off-road capabilities to the test when a specially-modified version of the truck competed in the Best in the Desert’s General Tire Vegas to Reno Race, with it winning first in its class.

Chad Hall Racing and Chevy Colorado ZR2

Chad Hall of Chad Hall Racing was one of the first people to receive the off-road capable Colorado ZR2 back in 2017 — and since then, the truck has competed in 12 Best in the Desert races, logging over 3,000 miles in some of the most challenging off-road conditions. The ZR2 is one of only four vehicles that completed each of these 12 competitions, which demonstrates its incredible durability and toughness.

Front view of red and black Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 competing in a Best in the Desert Race

“The Colorado is such a great platform, everything seems to work at the same level. This is true even during off-road races, which are some of the most punishing miles you’ll ever put on a truck.” – Chad Hall, Driver of the Colorado ZR2 for the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno Race

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Special Modifications for the Chevy Colorado ZR2

To optimize off-road performance for the Best in the Desert races, the Colorado ZR2 received many special modifications, including a prototype suspension and driveline parts that were developed into 15 factory race components now available to Colorado ZR2 customers. Specific modifications include race-tuned versions of ZR2’s Multimatic Front and Rear Long Travel DSSV shocks, severe duty Tie Rod Sleeve Systems, a Plunging Ball Spline Half Shaft System, a 1.5-inch Body Lift System, Front and Rear Jounce Shock Systems, and a ZR2 Steel Driveshaft. Also, the truck recently received ZR2 Bison skid plates on its engine, transmission, and differential, as well as a new wrap with the GM Defense logo.

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