Where to trade in my used vehicle in Nashville, TN

September 1st, 2020 by

man looking at a used vehicleShould I trade in my used vehicle to a dealership in Nashville? 

Here at Carl Black Nashville, we would be happy to buy your used vehicle from you when it is time for you to upgrade. We’ll offer our best price based on the make, model, and other factors that influence the value of your vehicle. Below, you can learn more about trading in your used vehicle in Nashville, TN. 

How does trading my vehicle into a dealership in Nashville work? 

The first thing to do is decide which dealership you want to trade your vehicle to. Some people like to trade their vehicle into the dealership that they plan to buy from, but this is not required. Other people decide on a dealership by getting appraisals at several locations and selling to the highest-paying dealership. 

Once you have decided where to sell your vehicle, it is as easy as contacting the staff and setting up an appointment. Here at Carl Black Nashville, you’ll just need to bring in your used vehicle and a few documents, and we’ll have you good to go in no time. Contact us for your options. 

man examining a vehicle close up

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How much will I get paid for my used vehicle in Nashville? 

To see how much you will get paid for your used vehicle in Nashville, you can use our trade-in appraisal form. This is located on the “Value Your Trade” page in our “Finance” drop-down menu. After you have submitted the form, we will get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate.  

Can I sell my vehicle myself and still purchase my next vehicle at a dealership? 

If you decide to sell your vehicle yourself, you can still purchase your next vehicle here at Carl Black Nashville. There is no obligation to trade in your vehicle. We have a wide selection of used vehicles and new Chevrolet models for you to choose from. 

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