What will make my Chevrolet vehicle’s airbags inflate?

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How Chevrolet vehicle airbags work 

Your Chevrolet vehicle is equipped with several airbags that are meant to deploy during a crash. What will make your Chevrolet vehicle’s airbags inflate? Keep reading below for an explanation of how Chevrolet vehicle airbags work. 

How does an airbag know when to inflate in a Chevrolet vehicle?

In order to make sure your airbag goes off at the right moment, your vehicle is equipped with an airbag sensing system. This system will detect your vehicle coming to a sudden stop. When it detects the crash, it releases the inflation gas, which fills the airbags and expands them into a barrier between you and hazards.  

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What sort of car accident will set off my Chevrolet vehicle airbags? 

It doesn’t take much to set off an airbag. If you’ve ever hit a car without your airbag going off, your vehicle would have been traveling at speeds slow enough to ensure your safety. On the other hand, if you travel at speeds above 18 mph and sometimes even 14 mph, and you crash, then your airbags will deploy.  

Some vehicles will have slightly different speed thresholds for airbag deployment. Other things that can impact the threshold include the angle of impact and the vehicle’s deceleration. Coming to a stop more quickly implies a more sudden crash, which is more likely to set off the airbags. 

Do my Chevrolet vehicle’s airbags go off if I am rear-ended? 

When you are rear-ended, your vehicle is pushed forward, which means that you will likely find yourself pushed back against your seat with the momentum. If you are already sitting back against your seat, you won’t experience much whiplash. In the event of being rear-ended, your airbags will not deploy, as they can’t prevent injuries in that situation.  

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